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Our Work

We aren't just a forum for homesteading; we also fund and implement many community-based projects to support education and awareness regarding homesteading practices. 



Seed Swaps

Seed swaps are a great way for the community to come together and share plants and seeds. Hernando County holds one every quarter with attendances upwards of 200 or more people.  We can teach you how to organize one in your community. 

Create your own local,

Facebook Group

Facebook groups are a great way to connect with your local homesteaders. Making it county specific can help to keep relevant information shared in the group. Let your peers help you on your journey. It makes no sense to take advice from a grower across the country when it won't even apply to your homestead. 

Orange and Yellow Illustrative Honey Har

Bee Hotel Making for Kids

A kid-friendly activity to promote saving our pollinators. Make small bee hotels out of recycled materials. We can provide you with the template for the artwork and instructions. 

Seed Exchange Boxes

What better way to share seeds than with community-based seed exchange boxes? We can give you instructions to set up your own. 

EDIBLE Landscape.png

Design and Planning, Supplying, and Installation of Edible Landscaping for your home or business.  Starting at $250.

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